SL 808 Outdoor

This high end glazing robot from Smart Lift handles up to 820 kg/ 1818 lbs. without compromising on precision.

Large window panes and multilayer glass are heavy and cumbersome to fit. The SL 808 Outdoor proves that any job is easy when you have right equipment. This glass lifting robot also features an electrical rotating yoke for full flexibility during installation.

The glass lifter provides higher lifting height and longer reach than regular lifting devices and it can therefore be used to perform all kinds of unusually challenging lifting jobs. For example, replacing all the windows in a detached house, where there will often be a need for both a long reach and high lifting height.

Technical data

Description Value
Weight 850 kg
Height 1530 mm
Width (min) 840 mm
Length (min) 2340 mm
Extension of arm 700 mm
Tip from horizontal 30˚ back / 95˚ forward
Speed regulation Stepless high/low
Sideshift 100 mm
Vacuum system 2 circuits
Lifting height mounting 3500 mm
Charging voltage 230 volt
Integrated charger Victron Energy
Charging time Approx 8 hours
Battery(2 x 12v) 24 volt 2 x 105 A
Running period Approx 20 hours
Front-wheel drive 1200 Watt - AC
Brake Elektronic
Suction pads 4 unit Ø 400 mm
Lifting capacity arm in/extended (700 mm) 608 kg / 280 kg