CLM - Manual Classifiers

CLM classifiers are the best solution when some kinds of glass must be stored in a reduced space.

There are different positions sliding through a track making a gap in the place where we need to introduce or remove a glass sheet. Its position can be opened and closed easily and manually using a crank. Mechanical design of Tecnocat’s classifiers allow to move many tones of glass with no effort.

In a same classifier, it is possible to combine 7 different holding base sizes available.

CLM-24-110 110mm [4,3"] 2000kg [4400lb] 210mm [8,2"]
CLM-17-200 220mm [7,9"] 3500kg [7700lb] 295mm [11,6"]
CLM-14-250 250mm [9,8"] 4500kg [9900lb] 345mm [13,6"]
CLM-12-300 300mm [11,8"] 5500kg [12100lb] 395mm [15,5"]