Work Series

1. Work Series

Electric and compact vacuum equipment for high load capacity.
Optimized for glass installation in buildings or factories.
Rotation and tilting movements available in manual or motorized mode, powered by electric supply or batteries.
The additional extensions let move big glass sheets safely.

Factory Series

2. Factory Series

Pneumatic vacuum equipment optimized to work in factory.
Very light and versatile equipment with pneumatic rotation and tilting.
Specially optimized to proceed production lines (edger, oven, cutting machines…)
The additional extensions let move big glass sheets safely.


3. Lifting

Light lifting equipment. This is the best solution to provide movement of loads with no efforts.
There are many kinds of supports available which makes it adaptable to every single need inside of a factory. This lifting system with hoist, combined with a Tecnocat’s Vacuum Equipment provide an extraordinary movement control.


4. Storage

The glass storage and classification system organises the stock with accuracy and in a very compact mode. There is the possibility to combine different measures of holding bases depending on needs so that, it will be able to store different kinds of glass formats.
A very smooth and simple movement shifts the holding bases with no effort, releasing the space enough to access to the stored material.


5. Manipulation

There is a wide range of manipulation equipment designed specially to transport and manipulation, installation and handling.
Optimized for small and large glass formats, for different kind of loads, to work inside of a factory or in the work.
Tecnocat has a very qualified team to attend any need of the client.