VK1-G2 | VK1-G2+2

Common Data

Pneumatic supply 7 bar 200 l/min
Manually rotating equipment 90° - 180° - 270° - 360°
Vacuum system air flow 40L/min

VK1-G2 Data

Maximum load capacity 480 kg
Equipment weight 50 kg

VK1-G2+2 Data

Maximum load capacity 680 kg
Equipment weight 62 kg

VK1-G1x Data

Maximum load capacity 250 kg
Equipment weight 52 kg

VK1-G1X+2 x 4AL-VK1X Data

Maximum load capacity 450 kg
Equipment weight 64 kg

VK1-G1X+4 x 4AL-VK1X Data

Maximum load capacity 650 kg
Equipment weight  76kg

Light equipment with great load capacity in relation to its size. It is suitable for vertical glass handling processes such as edging machines, vertical CNC, vertical washing machines, handling and assembly of doors and windows ...

It works only with pressurized air and the 360º manual rotation is very comfortable and facilitates the effortless work of the operator.

The two central plates are large in diameter and adding the extensions allows to increase the grip surface for larger sheets and load capacity up to 680Kg.

It has a vertically extendable control keypad to hold large format sheets and incorporates air pressure and vacuum indicators, in addition to a vacuum security alarm.

VK1-G2 Drawings

VK1-G2 esquema

VK1-G2+2 Drawings

VK1-G2+2 esquema

VK1-G1X Drawings

VK1-G1X esquema

VK1-G1X+2 x 4AL-VK1X Drawings

VK1-G1X+2 x 4AL-VK1X esquema

VK1-G1X+4 x 4AL-VK1X Drawings

VK1-G1X+4 x 4AL-VK1X esquema

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