GAR-600 equipo

GAR-600 Data

Maximum load capacity 6000 kg
Equipment weight 682 kg
4,05x2,35 a 6,1x3,3 m

GAR-600 is a device designed for loading and unloading packages of glass or other materials, with general dimensions up to 6100 x 3300mm..

The structure of the GAR is really robust. It has lower adjustable supports in height, width and depth. These supports can load all the glass pack weight.

It also has folding supports that work fixing the glass pack to the structure, so that it is as stable and safe as possible.

The hanging system has several points to be able to compensate and balance the load.

Also GAR-600 has a mesh to protect the worker.


GAR-600 -1

GAR-600 -2

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