VD1-8 Data

Maximum load capacity 1460 kg
Maximum load capacity according to EN13155 960 kg
Equipment weight 154 kg
Equipment produced according to EN13155 OK
Nominal electrical power 600 W
Pushbutton cable length 3 m.
Wireless pushbutton OPTIONAL
Electrical power 230 VAC (50 - 60 Hz) Monophase
OPTIONAL: 400 VAC Triphase
Vacuum system air flow 80 L/min
Energy autonomy by batteries -
Equipment support system OK

The purpose of the VD1 vacuum equipment  is having  the suitable equipment to work on double glazing production lines, focusing its use on the output process.

The VD1-8 model stands out for having facing suction cups so that each one of them have can lift the glass of each side.

VD1 works as a vacuum clamp.

Once the vacuum cups are located, they close smoothly so as not to damage the glass and once the suction is made, the equipment has the capacity to lift up to 1460Kg.

In addition, if required, the VD1 model can be used for glass installation on site, since it has a multi-voltage electrical connection and a double safety circuit complying with the EN-13155 standard in relation to safety in outdoor installations.


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