VX60-BE12 Data

Maximum load capacity 1000 kg.
Equipment weight 472 kg.

VX60-BE15 Data

Maximum load capacity 1500 kg.
Equipment weight 485 kg.

VX60-BE Common Data

Equipment produced according to EN13155 -
Nominal electrical power 950 W
Pushbutton cable length 3 m.
Equipment support system OK
Electrical power 230 VAC (50 - 60 Hz) Monophase
OPTIONAL: 230 VAC (50 - 60 Hz) Triphase
OPTIONAL: 400 VAC (50 - 60 Hz) Triphase
Vacuum system air flow 80 L/min
Energy autonomy by batteries -

VX60-BE equipment is specifically designed to handle large sheets made with specific surface treatments, such as anti-solar radiation, anti-thermal  or with delicate decorative treatments, etc., which do not allow the sheet to be held by the treated side, but it must be done on the untreated side.

For this reason, the design of the frame in opened, an it allows to take and delivery the sheet, always in reverse to the usual way and always holding the sheet on the favorable opposite side to avoid damage to the delicate layer of protection.

The equipment is prepared to work in vertical position in cutting or laminating lines, which have their own tilting devices in orter to receive correctly the sheet with precision and safety.

To accommodate the correct tilting in each case, VX60-BE has a hanging system with its own 15° tilting capacity,  which helps the delivery of the sheet in each type of process.


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