MULE-300 Data

Maximum load capacity 300 kg
Equipment weight 450 kg
Manually rotating equipment 90° - 180° - 270° - 360°
  • 300kg capacity.
  • Small footprint with counterweights.
  • Front extension legs withoutcounterweights.
  • Rotates glass 360°.
  • Handles glass 3660 x 2440mm (144”x96”).
  • 6 x 250mm (10”) vac cups.
  • 6 x adjustable/removable cups.
  • 12 v battery powered vacuum pump.
  • Castor legs adjust laterally.
  • Mast tilt range +8 to -3 degrees.
  • Steering locks on rear castors.
  • Machine weight - 260kg + 150kgcounterweights.

Manual trolley specially designed for handling glass in the factory.

It is designed to be used by only one operator who can handle glass of all dimensions and weights up to 300Kg.

It has 360° manual rotation and the suction system is automatic by means of a vacuum pump and batteries.

The integrated counterweight helps the operator to tilt and control the load with safety conditions.

MULE-300 Drawings


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