The SL 1009 Outdoor is the flagship of the range. It has a proportional hydraulic system that allows the operator to control the arm and yoke with great precision. Small adjustments to the controls activate small movements of the yoke and arm so you can feel confident handling large glass items.

The wireless remote unit gives you freedom of movement during installation so you can see things better. A built-in display gives you an overview of battery status, empty level and actual charging voltage. This is a nice feature when working with heavier items and safety is crucial.

For the new SL1009, the vacuum gauge, battery display, and vacuum lockout have been moved from the machine to the remote control. This makes the machine even smarter and improves safety, with fewer exposed parts and components.

You can track your SL 1009 through an App

Track exactly where your machines are and troubleshoot from remote locations.

In the App you can follow:

1. Hours of operation

2. Error Codes: Remote Diagnosis

3. Online service registration

4. Online message about mandatory service and maintenance checks

5. Tracking with GPS and GSM module indicating the exact location of the machines and communication with 3G, 4G and 5G.

SL 1009 Data

Lifting cap. arm in/out 1000 kg / 280 kg
Extension of arm 2 x 830mm
Lifting height 4400mm
Tip from horizontal >42° back / 86° fwd
Side shift 100 mm
Charging voltage 230 volt
Charging time Aprox. 8 horas
Battery 4 x 134 Ah AGM
Running period Up to 8 hrs
Front-wheel drive 2000 Watt - AC
Suction pads  6 x Ø400mm
Width 1010mm
Curb weight 1480kg
Class IP 65

SL 1009 OUTDOOR Drawings




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