SL 608 Outdoor High Lifter

SL 608 OHL RT E Optionals

SL 608 OHL Data

Lifting capacity arm
in/extended (1600 mm)
608 kg / 150 kg
Weight 930 kg
Height 1530 mm
Width (min) 840 mm
Length (min) 22850 mm
Extension of arm 700 + 900 mm
Tip from horizontal 40 ̊ back / 100 ̊ forward
Speed regulation Stepless high/low
Sideshift 100 mm
Vacuum system 2 circuits
Lifting height mounting 4080 mm
Charging voltage 230 volt
Integrated charger Ctek XT 14000
Charging time Approx 8 hours
Battery(2 x 12v) 24 volt 2 x 105 A
Running period Approx 20 hours
Front-wheel drive 1200 Watt - AC
Brake Elektronic
Suction pads 4 unit Ø 400 mm

Trolley with motorized displacement, specially designed for on-site glass installations, up to 600Kg of glass.

It has the double safety circuit capacity as it is required by the EN-13155 norm in relation to equipment for on-site installation.

The suction cup grid rotates 360° manually and can be tilted to one side to help to go through  doors and narrow areas.  The rest of the movement, lifting and extension of the arm and tilting of the suction cup grid are electric and they are operated from the control pushbutton.

The distribution of the suction cups is manually adjustable for different glass sizes.

The excellent traction and stability of the off-road wheels allows to move in outdoor terrain with total safety.

Highligted optional elements.

RT device: Motorized rotation device

E device: In addition to the standard telescopic arm, there is the possibility of electrical extension of the second section of the arm.

RAMP: Aluminum ramp approved to help loading and unloading the SL 608 OHL in the van or transport lorry.

SL 608 Outdoor High Lifter Drawings

Lifting Capacity

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