The FLA-01 FORKLIFT unit is compact and adaptable to the fork of any forklift. It is specially designed to attach a suction cup and to be able to carry out on-site facilities.

It is used by means of a wireless control compatible with other TECNOCAT equipment. Its movements are smooth and precise in the three Cartesian axes, with a blocking system to prevent oscillations during movement.

It is battery-operated so it has great freedom of movement in any work environment without the need to use a crane.

FLA-1 Data

Maximum load capacity according to EN13155 1000 kg
Equipment produced according to EN13155 OK
Energy autonomy by batteries 2 x 26A - 20h. aprox.
Electrical power 220 - 240VAC 50-60Hz
Wireless pushbutton OK
IP 44
Equipment support system OK


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