CGB24 | CGB36 Compatible with: VS1 - VS2 - VR2 - VR3 - VR4

CGB-24 or CGB-36 are two types of curved glass suction grids, expressly designed to work with VS and VR models

Thanks to the two plate diameters and the adjustable opening type, it is possible to handle curved glasses with variable radius, concave and convex, in addition to flat glasses.

They are sold as implicit elements with the VS or VR suction cup models, depending on the needs. They are not sold as a separate concept of the vacuum equipment.

CGB24 Data

Maximum load capacity 720 kg
Maximum load capacity according to EN13155 360 kg

CGB36 Data

Maximum load capacity 1080 kg
Maximum load capacity according to EN13155 540 kg

Common Data

Equipment produced according to EN13155 OK
Nominal electrical power -
Manually rotating equipment -
Pushbutton cable length -
Wireless pushbutton -
Electrical power -
Vacuum system air flow -
Motorised tilting equipment -
Energy autonomy by batteries -
Equipment support system OK

CGB24 Drawings

CGB36 Drawings

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