VS1-GB2 | VS1-GB2+2

VS1-GB2 equipment is compact with a high load capacity. It has a double safety vacuum circuit for installations, according to the EN-13155 standard.

It works with multi-voltage electrical connection, which allows to be plugged in regardless of the type of voltage of the electric net. It incorporates load and vacuum indicators for each circuit, in addition to a security alarm.

2 central plates are large in diameter and adding the extensions (model VS1-GB2+2) allows to increase the grip surface and capacity for larger sheets.

Thanks to the wired keypad it is very easy and safe to handle the equipment.

Metal box included makes it easy to transport and protect the equipment.

VS1-GB2 Data

Maximum load capacity 480 kg
Maximum load capacity according to EN13155 240 kg
Equipment weight 68 kg

VS1-GB2+2 Data

Maximum load capacity 680 kg
Maximum load capacity according to EN13155 340 kg
Equipment weight 80 kg

Common Data

Equipment produced according to EN13155 OK
Nominal electrical power 240 W
Manually rotating equipment 90° - 180° - 270° - 360°
Pushbutton cable length 3 m
Electrical power 200-500 VAC (50-60 Hz) +24 VDC
Vacuum system air flow 83 L/min
Manually tilting equipment 30° - 60° - 90°
Energy autonomy by batteries -
Equipment support system OK

VS1-GB2 Drawings

VS1-GB2+2 Drawings

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