VN2-GB1X | VN2-GB1X+2 x 4AL-VN2X

Common Data

Pneumatic supply 7 bar - 100 l/min
Manually rotating equipment 90° - 180° - 270° - 360°
Equipment support system -
Vacuum system air flow 40 L/min
Pneumatic tilting equipment 0° - 90°

VN2-GB1X Data

Maximum load capacity 250 kg
Equipment weight 66 kg

VN2-GB1X+2 x 4AL-VN2X Data

Maximum load capacity 400 kg
Equipment weight 78 kg

VN2-GB1X+4 x 4AL-VN2X Data

Maximum load capacity 400 kg
Equipment weight 90 kg

Light equipment with manual rotation 0° - 90° and pneumatic tilting 0° - 90° indicated for vertical and horizontal glass handling processes,  such as edger machines, vertical or horizontal CNC machines, laminate glass machines, tempering furnaces, horizontal assembly of doors and windows, cutting tables ...

It works only with pressurized air with a very comfortable 360° manual rotation and pneumatic tilting 0° - 90° are fast and precise to speed up the operator's work and increase efficiency.

The rectangular central plate provides great suction which allows loading up to 250Kg. Adding the extensions allows increasing the grip surface for larger sheets and load capacity up to 400Kg.

This equipment combines perfectly with TECNOCAT ELEVATION SYSTEMS.

It has an extendable horizontal control button to hold large-format sheets in horizontal position in a safe way,  and it incorporates air pressure and vacuum indicators, in addition to a vacuum security alarm.

VN2-GB1X Drawings

VN2-GB1X esquema

VN2-GB1X+2 x 4AL-VN2X Drawings

VN2-GB1X+2 x 4AL-VN2X esquema

VN2-GB1X+4 x 4AL-VN2X Drawings

VN2-GB1X+4 x 4AL-VN2X esquema

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