FF1-240 | FF1-800 Common Data

Equipment produced according to EN13155 -
Nominal electrical power 480 W
Pushbutton cable length 3 m.
Energy autonomy by batteries -
Electrical power 200 -500 VAC (50 - 60 Hz) Thriphase / Monofase
Vacuum system air flow 83 L/min
Equipment support system OK

FF1-240 Data

Maximum load capacity 120 kg
Equipment weight 60 W

FF1-240+2 x 4AL-FF1-240 Data

Maximum load capacity 240 kg
Equipment weight 80 W

FF1-800 Data

Maximum load capacity 400 kg
Equipment weight 65 W

FF1-800+2 x 4AL-FF1-800 Data

Maximum load capacity 800 kg
Equipment weight 85 W

FF1-240 | FF1-800 suction pad equipment is specially designed for handling glass sheets inside the factory, always in a horizontal position. In addition they are also prepared to work with other smooth and flat materials, such as metal plates, composite plates, synthetics, wood, etc.

This equipment is very light and has different possible configurations for the distribution of suction cups to be able to handle different sheet sizes and depending on the required load capacity.

The operator handle the vacuum equipment from a separate position and thanks to a manual device located on the equipment handlebar, the operator can tilt this handle depending on the working height. The suction mechanism works by means of a manual valve located on the handlebar, with a safety locking device.



FF1-240 esquema

FF1-240+2 x 4AL-FF1-240

FF1-240+2 x 4AL-FF1-240 esquema


FF1-800 esquema

FF1-800+2 x 4AL-FF1-800

FF1-800+2 x 4AL-FF1-800 esquema

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