SL 609 HLR RT Outdoor

SL 609 HLR RT Technical Data

Lifting cap. arm in/out 600 kg / 150 kg
Extension of arm 700 + 900 mm
Lifting heigh 4200mm
Tip from horizontal 40 ̊ back / 100 ̊ fwd
Side shift 100 mm
Charging voltage 230 volt
Tiempo de carga Approx. 8 horas
Running period Up to 9 hrs
Front-wheel drive 1500 Watt - AC
Suction Pads 4 x Ø400mm
Width 830mm / 33in
Curb weight 960kg
Class IP 65

The SL 609 HLE RT Outdoor offers its help for glass assembly.

This High Lifter Electric version with swivel yoke offers faster operation, memory for repeat mounting positions, and a built-in IoT device for theft protection, remote monitoring and diagnostics for better service.

It is completely electric and has a maintenance-free gel battery pack.

SL 609 HLR RT Outdoor Drawings

SL-609-HLR-RT-Outdoor_3 technical data



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