VL-GB4 | VL-GB4+4

VL-GB4 equipment is light and compact, with great load capacity. It has a double safety vacuum circuit for the facilities, according to the EN-13155 standard.

It works entirely with batteries, and incorporates charge and vacuum indicators for each circuit, and security alarm as well.

Its reduced width allows installations in very narrow places such as between façade and scaffolding.

Central suction plates are removable and can be adapted to different sheet formats. Adding 2 or 4 extensions (VL-GB4+4 model)  allows to increase the grip surface and capacity for larger sheets.

Optional PI-VL Manual Hydraulic Piston is recommended, which allows manual tilting under load. Optional CM-VL Metal protection box is very recommended as well.

VL-GB4 Data

Maximum load capacity according to EN13155 300 kg
Equipment weight 45 kg

VL-GB4+4 Data

Maximum load capacity according to EN13155 600 kg
Equipment weight 65 kg

Common Data

Equipment produced according to EN13155 OK
Manually rotating equipment 90° - 180° - 270° - 360°
Manually tilting equipment 0° - 60° - 90°
Vacuum system air flow 22 L/min
Nominal electrical power 80 W
Electrical power BATTERY CHARGE 220-240 V AC 50-60 HZ
Energy autonomy by batteries OK - BATTERY 12 V - Running period 20 h aprox
Equipment support system OK

VL-GB4 Drawings

VL-GB4+4 Drawings




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