VR-136 Data

Maximum load capacity 2000 kg
Maximum load capacity according to EN13155 2000 kg
Equipment produced according to EN13155 OK
Nominal electrical power 950 W
Manually rotating equipment 0° - 360°
Pushbutton cable length 3 m
Wireless pushbutton OK
Electrical power 200-500 VAC (50-60 Hz) +24 VDC
Vacuum system air flow 166 L/min
Motorised tilting equipment 0° - 90°
Energy autonomy by batteries OK - Running period 12h aprox
Equipment support system OK

VR-136 equipment is specially designed for large format curved glass installations up to 2000Kg. It has a double safety vacuum circuit for the installations, according to the EN-13155 norm.

It is highlighted the endless 360° electric motorized rotation capacity and the 0°-90° electric motorized tilting, both very useful for complicated installations and with which any necessary movement can be compensated in a very comfortable and safe way.

The suction grid adapts to the curved glass by means of manual system with a safety lock.

It always works with batteries and can work and recharge at the same time by connecting in multi-voltage, regardless of the type of voltage in the network. It incorporates load and vacuum indicators for each circuit, in addition to a security alarm.

The distribution of the 136 suction plates is variable and can be adjusted to different sheet formats and adding the extensions allows an excellent grip and capacity

It can be attached to the CMDB counterweight to get a perfect equipment to work with big loads in difficult places. It has wireless command MI-100, with which the VR136 unit can be operated together with the counterweight.

VR-136 Drawings

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